Robbers Roost, Fall 2011

photo Three Cowboys
photo Sams Mesa Three Cowboys


October 2011 gave my buddies and I some good days to explore  Robbers Roost Utah again. We had ATVs ready for the trails. We checked out Roost Canyon the first day, the spring seemed messed up compared to a few years ago (lots of cows). Took the old trail out of Roost Canyon going South past Dead Man hill, stopping at the flint pots that are hidden in the sand ridges. its always fun to check out the flint  chips, and wonder about there origins. Next day we jeeped out to Panorama Point which is in Canyonlands National Park. My friend Daryl is living in Kentucky and even though he grew up in Utah he has not been to Canyonlands, and was duly impressed as am I even though I have been here many times. Next day we rode the ATVs to Sam’s Mesa. This is a large Mesa with several levels which could easily be defended against intruders (a posse). I haven’t located any outlaw artifacts on Sam’s Mesa, but it is Roost country for sure. The trail is a bit challenging in several spots. Don’t go out there with just one vehicle. Its as far from recovery assistance as you can get in the lower 48. The last place we explored was Bluejohn Spring. We hiked in from Bluejohn canyon, found the spring, took a few photos. I have been trying to locate ruins of the outlaw Bluejhon’s cabin, which was near this spring. No luck finding the evidence of the cabin. This is my third attempt. We had a great camp near Twin Corral Box Canyon.

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